About Nariz

Nariz is a distributed alert correlation system. It performs alert correlation in two phases - locally preprocessing and distributed postprocessing - by splitting the correlation system amongst several computers. Features include:

  • Correlates IDS (Intrusion Detection System) alerts.
  • Distributed alert correlation mechanism.
  • Correlates Snort alerts. It is also possible to include new plugins for correlating alerts from others IDS's.
  • The sources are available to public domain under the GPL terms.
  • Reduces the number of alerts and false positives for its administrator.
  • Alert correlation can be configurable by configuring the attack type.
  • The distributed correlation starts with a trigger that is configurable by its user.
  • It can run using low end machines than would be necessary in a centralized correlation system.
  • Uses an embedded database (SQLite) that implements most of SQL92 and supports databases up to 2 terabytes in size.

Nariz distributed alert correlation system is under development by its crew to make its first release available to the public.

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